Kt77 tube data sheets

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Kt77 tube data sheets

Sheets KT77 Datasheet KT77 manual, datenblatt, KT77 Data sheet, KT77 pdf, KT77, sheets Electronics KT77, alldatasheet, Datasheets, datasheet, data sheet, free, KT77 PDF datas. tube list 6a3 to 6zy5. TrAnsfer ChArACTerisTiCs pLATe ChArACTerisTiCs a. We data have developed a pair of push- pull input stages with relatively high gain, making it possible to build a two stage amplifier with adequate input sensitivity to work in a wide range of audio systems. Presented here is a Laboratory Power sheets Supply with 0- 30V voltage and 0- 3A current regulation. It can be used in most EL34 amplifiers.
Anode dissipation rate is sheets 50W which provides for push- pull amplifiers utilization up to 110W output per pair with 550V on the anode. The schematic is pretty straightforward TL072, RC4558 , NE5532, it uses standard dual opamps such as TL082, TL062 MC34072. New kt77 Sensor Corporationth Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101 Tel: Fax: Genalex BRIEF DATA KT77 BEAM TETRODE A beam tetrode with an absolute maximum anode dissipation rating of 32 watts. In common with all sheets ' E' prefix tubes sheets using the Mullard– Philips tube designation the EL34 has a heater voltage of 6. Kt77 tube data sheets. Octal power tube ( Max Plate Watts = 25W) KT77 is a data sheets beam power pentode with octal base. page 1 of 5 The kt77 KT90 is a beam- power kt77 pentode primarily designed for use in audio frequency power amplifier applications. 03 tube data 3b22 3b24w 3b28 4bb 869b a207 a235 a237 a239 a292 a296 ah200 ah205 ah211 ah211a ah213 kt77 ah221 ah238.
Special plate alloy to improve plate dissipation. It has more power more headroom than the EL34 , fatter bass E34L while providing very detailed tones. select the first character of the tube 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: A: B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: L: M: N: O: P: Q: kt77 R: S: T: U: V: W: X: Y: Z sheets > K. Top The 1956 HFYB range kt77 data sheets of Amplifiers. sheets The following list shows kt77 the tube types I sheets have entered in my database, with exception of the service types ( e. The first book is a paperback the cover is a naive version of later & Quad get 3 of the 4 front pictures, hardback book the Garrard 301 is the other. The long awaited JJ KT77 is here. Tube manufacturers also re- issued KT77 in recent years. We love this kt77 tube in Marshalls and for any Hi- Fi application using EL34 / 6CA7.

You can use the search to find service types or go to the service type lists data that you can access from the page More Tube Related Stuff. Kt77 tube data sheets. JJ Electronic KT77 Factory Data Sheet: KT77 Factory kt77 description: Gold plated control grid for improved fidelity. A direct replacement for any EL34 kt77 / 6CA7 the JJ KT77 has a lot of power headroom but is surprisingly refined sounding. The data KT77 kt77 is designed for use in the output stage of an a. data This is a hand aligned Beam power tube resulting in stable performance at higher power levels. However, this configuration is rarely found.
According to the data sheets found in old vacuum tube reference manuals, a pair of EL34s with 800 V plate voltage can produce 90 watts output in class AB1 in kt77 push– pull configuration. output pentodeEL34 EL34. The internal construction of current production KT77 resembles that of classic KT77. The KT77 is designed for use in the output stage of an af ampli- fier. Push- Pull Amplifier Input Stages. fast links to tube numbers, just click the appropriate tube range link below: tube list 01a to kt77 4z* * tube list 5am8 to 5z4. ; Some tube types end with an underscore ( _ ) followed by some letters indicating the Brand or a number if the Brand is unknown.
This makes current production EL34 6CA7 KT77 all sound noticeably different.

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SONIC COMMENTS in Bob Gjika KT77 amp: Hey Brendan, I received the KT77s safely. They are beautiful and in immaculate condition. You certainly don' t sell junk and I appreciate that a lot considering the cost of these tubes. This is our " audiophile" tube page. It is a long page, use your scroll button and scroll down the page to see it all. Most hi- fi, amp, guitar amp, and stereo tubes we.

kt77 tube data sheets

In electronics, a vacuum tube, an electron tube, or valve ( British usage) or, colloquially, a tube ( North America), is a device that controls electric current flow in a high vacuum between electrodes to which an electric potential difference has been applied. The type known as a thermionic tube or thermionic valve uses the phenomenon of thermionic emission of electrons from a heated cathode. VALVES BEAM TETRODE 6.