5aq5 tube data sheet

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5aq5 tube data sheet

The tube list at ABC Vacuum Tubes is very extensive Grid Caps, Sockets, as is our inventory of Vacuum Tubes, Valves Capacitors. If sheet you are looking for an 808 tube, sheet just go to the 481B - 925 Tube Types category. Intro: 6V6 Pushpull Calss AB data Tube Mono Amp. Sheet 8 is a " shorts" list that allows you to determine which tube elements sheet are shorted by looking data at a chart. ElectronTubeStore. It consists of about 8400 pages scanned by John Atwood Pete Millett Frank Philipse. Abstract: 6AQ5 tube 6Aq5 6AQ5 triode 6V6 GT 5aq5 6V6GT 5AQ5 tube tube 6v6 ET- T885 Text: 5AQ5 is identical to the 6AQ5. Second source: ( only tube data not present in the first source) Radio Tubes by E.

The following list shows the tube types I have entered in my database, with exception of the service 5aq5 types ( e. 5AR4 5AS4A sheet 5AQ5 5AU4 5B/ 250A 5B/ 254G 5B/ 254M 5B/ 255M 5B/ 256M 5B. com 5AQ5 power- pentode / 5aq5 beam 5aq5 tetrode tube [ VT- 5AQ5] - Type 5AQ5 power- pentode / beam tetrode tube new old stock sheet boxed. nl Additional data is from the same series: 1st edition 19th edition 1963. The hole sizes are listed 5aq5 on the layout sheet in the Chassis Construction data chapter. 5aq5 tube data sheet. Sheet six contains tester settings data for use WITH the MX- 949 series adapter kits and Sheet 7 contains ballast tube test settings data for use WITHOUT the MX- 949 series adapter. You can sheet use the 5aq5 search to find service types or go to the data service type lists that you can access from the page sheet More Tube Related Stuff. In addition the 5AQ5, the 5AQ5 is used in conjunction sheet with other 5aq5 600- milliampere types which exhibit essentially the data same, as a result of its controlled heater warm- up warm- up period.
Email us 5aq5 at worldtubecompany net Or call us at Looking for a Tube not listed? Rubber grummets e uses any time a wire pass through the top side to the bottom side of aluminum top. The 6BX6 also known 5aq5 as the EF80 is an internally screened pentode and was a workhorse of the VHF TV receiver. INTRODUCTION Last time I touched vacuum tubes was around 1967 when I was repairing radios and TV. Radio tubes are sheet valves. The 6AQ5 ( Mullard– Philips tube 5aq5 designation EL90) is a miniature data 7- pin ( B7G) audio power output beam tetrode vacuum tube with ratings virtually identical to the 6V6 at 250 V. , the Netherlands.

Tube sheet is tested and guaranteed 30 days. If you are looking for a 6L6 tube, just go to the 6KM8 - 6R7 Tube Types category. If you can' t find it, We' ll find it for you! 5AT8: 5AT8 Sylvania Data Sheet July 1955 Vitor Oliveira. A drill was used to start the tube sockets holes and finished 5aq5 sheet of with a step drill. Solder lugs were placed at different locations on the wire side of the chassis. 5aq5 tube data sheet. The thin glass tube. Tube 6AQ5 Miniatur- 7- Pin- Base B7G, Röhre 6AQ5 ID2118, USA 1940 , Beam Power Tube Power/ Output shown.

5aq5 ; Some tube types end with an underscore ( _ ) followed by some letters indicating the Brand or a number 5aq5 if the Brand is unknown. Follow the links on the left to find data the tubes ham radio, hi- fi stereo, , grid caps, , capacitors for your antique radio, sockets, valves other electronic piece. All datasheets are in the main tables and in the list below. Here you data find a sheet complete RCA HB3 electron tube manual. I remember this old radio HIFI that was stripped from a. Handbook Tubes 12th edition 1966 Published for Radio Bulletin by De Muiderkring N. Tube 5AT8 Röhre 5aq5 5AT8 ID4466, Triode- Pentode, shown.

The type was introduced in 1950. The lists are about 100 tubes each so you might need to scroll down to find the tube you need.

Sheet tube

Numbers shown in light blue background are cold- cathode tubes. Numbers shown in light red are High- Voltage Rectifiers. Numbers shown in light orange are power rectifiers. 5AQ5, Various manufacturer, Various country, Audio, Pentode. Do you want tube matching ( matching + $ 5.

5aq5 tube data sheet

00) accomplished by Amplitrex AT- 1000? a 00a 00a 00a 00a 00a 01a 01a 01a 01a 01a 01a 0a2 0a2. Title: 6AQ5 5AQ5 Author: General Electric Subject: JA- FPCreated Date: 11/ 4/ 4: 55: 17 PM.